We set up labs in areas undergoing regeneration.  

GRIND pop-up labs take place in industrial spaces granted by municipalities, developers or private entities, around the world. Aspiring residents can apply to GRIND by sending a project proposal aiming at improving the neighborhood in which the GRIND lab is temporary located. For a period ranging between 3 months and 1 year, selected residents have free access to the GRIND space to work, build prototypes, and present their project. Events are organized on a regular basis at the GRIND space to promote learning, networking, and community engagement. 



GRIND residents have facilitated access to tools, resources and contacts to build prototypes for their projects. 


GRIND projects can include social and urban research on the neighborhood in which the lab is located. 



GRIND offers coworking spaces for the residents and neighboors. 



Talks, screenings, exhibitions and project presentations are organized on a regular basis at the GRIND spaces.